Our Mission:
To provide information related to the development of effective organizations.

The Scope of Our Effort: Our research covers national and international issues for public and private organizations. We believe organizations maximize their potential effectiveness when key fundamentals are in place and utilized. Finally, of particular interest is our research designed to explain conditions when people or organizations violate rules and regulations or put others at risk because of accidents, carelessness or negligence. These behaviors or actions can trigger an array of threats potentially impacting the organization’s very existence. One threat to the organization is damage to its image, its brand. We call that “brand trauma”.

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Coming soon: Studies examining adversarial relationships. Every organization has an adversary. It may be a regulator, a competitor, someone who feels aggrieved or may be just someone who wants to challenge or “test” how another organization might respond, say, to a perceived threat. These studies report on our efforts to examine adversarial events. We use them to test our theories, to advance our research or to examine existing thresholds related to organizational theory, economics, politics or social interaction. Look for them later thisyear.